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I’ve finally discovered it. The ULTIMATE Traditional Runescape Cheat code. OpenOSRS is the cheat code that puts all other cheat codes to pity.

In Oldschool Runescape’s 8 years of history (nearly 9 on february 22nd), it has been slowly becoming more and more festered with various kinds of unfaithful.

Customers, Plugins, Bots, Ahks, and mobile have actually gone into the game with no end in sight due to the fact that as long as GP holds its value, individuals will continue to cheat.

When OSRS was very first released, we were introduced to the Vanilla Customer. It was a downloadable client that is still offered to everybody on the Oldschool Runescape Web Page.

But as the years passed, players created services to making the video game less tedious, and we were introduced to OSBuddy, a runescape client that was really ground breaking.

It made the video game a lot more satisfying by adding user friendly functions, such as:
EXP Tracker – to see how close you were to leveling up
Cost Commands – to see costs throughout game
Marker Tiles – so you were able to mark tiles to bear in mind specific areas in video game

These features improved the total experience of gamers throughout the neighborhood, and now bulk of gamers (including myself) can’t play without them.

But OSbuddy had a paywall which lots of gamers refused to pay, and they locked out their finest features behind a month-to-month cost of 2.50 Pounds …

A few developers chose that these functions must be totally complimentary to all players, and instead of charging gamers for these features, they developed a new runescape client called Runelite which provided all the paid functions and more … entirely complimentary of charge.

This altered the method we players game essentially, PvP, PvM, skilling, questing, and whatever else we did in-game. We were supplied complimentary plugins that tracked what products were gathered in certain mini-games, what abilities were enhanced without going to inspect the stats tab, and even how long our aggression timers lasted so we didn’t have to time them ourselves or do any of the guesswork.

Now … we’ve come to a point where clients have ended up being so sophisticated it’s actually cheating. OpenOSRS has made the video game so simple to cheat whether it’s Skilling, PvM, PvP, or any mini-game that any gamer with little experience in the game can go and make insane quantities of gold OR advance their accounts with ease.

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