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Start watching from 0:53 and you will see their cheats

New World is full of aimbot musket users like Kenzene, Placalele, Okar1n and so many other 625 gear score cheater players…

Every each of their shots are from head and their attacks go through any obstacles in the game…

I even don’t mention about other melee, mage aimbot cheaters by giving tons of damage, but getting less amount of damage at all and thy kill you in 1-2 seconds…

Even with all these video proofs and many other legal players’ reports against these illegal players to AGS, these cheaters are not banned still, even with provided proofs to AGS in New World by months !!!…

Everyone complains about it and majority players stopped joining OPR because of these cheaters and our server turned into dead server again that noone can fight against cheaters… Noone is having fun from OPR or any pvp anymore… Thy don’t die or take any good damage even with their light armor glass cannon builds but they give lots of damage…

Legal players suffer a lot in this game really…