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FAQs are sometimes really useful for answering basic and advanced doubts many of our clients have, so don’t forget to have a look here just in case.

Make sure your browser/antivirus software isn’t blocking the file. Like all game hacks, Node Cheats can get flagged by antivirus programs because it manipulates the game in a way that wasn’t intended by its developer. Clicking the ‘Unblock’ button in the executable’s properties or running the hack as administrator is very likely to sort out your problems.

That is very unlikely. Our cheat has been optimized to be light on resource usage. In fact, on a typical modern system, it consumes less than 1% CPU time on average. RAM usage is negligible.

Yes, you can even though the hack is fully external. In fact we don’t recommend using any sort of windowed modes. The hack has no overlay, which keeps the game running silky smooth.

Cheating is a cat and mouse game between the developer and the cheat makers.

You CAN get banned using cheats so we suggest a few things to help keep you safe.

1) Use our HWID Spoofer integrated in all our hacks.
2) Use a private or public VPN so developers can’t track your IP.
3) Always use a NEW GAME ACCOUNT or one that you don’t mind and never your legit account.

Out of our 1,200,000 users we’ve had around a 2% ban to user ratio over the years.

We have not had a MASS BAN event on any game in over NINE YEARS, which is a lot!

When you use our cheats we LOCK the cheat to your computer or HWID (Hardware ID). This is a unique identifier just for your PC.

Every computer has a unique ID and this allows us to keep the cheats from being given out to others.

Every time you RUN the cheat it checks the HWID to make sure the same PC is used.

If you try to change your PC or any parts the HWID will lock.

Contact us and we will reset it for you in a matter of minutes most of the times.

YES. The public cheat has real protection against game developer anticheat, so if you use the latest public version, you can’t get banned.

You should buy the private version if you want to be safe from any kind of banning.

1) Go to our Cheat Status page at the top of the site or reach it by clicking here.

2) Once on the cheat status page you can see what us WORKING which means it’s available; what is OFFLINE is now under manteinance.